Chomp Vegan Eatery: A Unique Port Moody Dining Experience

No Meat. No Dairy. No Gluten.

I was on a two-week cleanse and couldn’t eat a lot of things that I normally do. With limited dining options, I convinced my husband, Armando to visit Chomp Vegan Eatery in Port Moody’s Suter Brook Village. See, I’d been there once before when it first opened last year but was disappointed in my selection of Mac n’ Cheese due to its lack of saucy-cheesiness and had never returned.  As for my husband, his staples are meat, cheese and tortillas so a gluten-free, vegan restaurant is not a place he would ever consider frequenting. But being the supportive husband that he is, and with me just feeling happy that I didn’t have to cook, we headed to Chomp to give it another try.

Whimsical Port Moody Restaurant

Chomp Vegan Eatery Port Moody RestaurantChomp Vegan Eatery is a cute place.  Clean, white decor and colourful, quirky accessories give the Port Moody restaurant a happy feel. The walls are decorated with an eclectic array of art made by local artists and available for purchase.

Chomp’s menu is 100% vegan and gluten-free.  When I asked for help, the server was very accommodating and went over every item on the menu, telling me “yes” or “no” or “we can change this for you so you can eat it” to meet my cleanse restrictions. We settled on the poutine, the Chomp sliders and the pizza to share. I was nervous for Armando, making sure he was aware that we were ordering items with “fake cheese” and “fake burger patties”. He said that he might have to make a stop at the Subway across the street on the way home. I crossed my fingers, hoping that Chomp Vegan Eatery would not disappoint.

Off to a Good Start

Chomp Vegan Eatery Port Moody RestaurantThe poutine arrived.   The homemade fries are double baked red potatoes sprinkled with oregano, sesame seed and sea salt then smothered in cheese and gravy.  I initially noticed the different texture of the cheese but with each bite, I just fell in love with the dish.  I cautiously asked Armando what he thought. “Decent.” From a guy who loves his real cheese, that was a good start.

Sliders were up next, special ordered with their homemade sauce on the side because I couldn’t eat it but Armando could.  I was concerned that they would be dry without the sauce, but they weren’t.  The “bun’ was like a biscuit with a muffin texture but so flavorful and light.  Armando exclaimed, “These are really good!”, lathering on the sauce.   Did he know that the burger patties were made out of beans?  I wasn’t going to remind him.

Second Time’s a Charm

Port Moody Restaurant Chomp Vegan EateryFinally, the pizza.  Pizza is one of my absolute favourite foods so of course a gluten-free, vegan pizza will never live up to a greasy pepperoni pizza but we both agreed that it was tasty for a healthy pizza option.

I was really impressed with the flavours of the food this time around and will definitely go back to this Port Moody restaurant.  Do note that the portions may be smaller than you expect.  They are “small plate” sizes with large plate pricing but they do use all organic, local products for their items and they are a unique dining option, which I feel justifies the price.

Oh, and we didn’t have to stop at Subway after.  Success!

Take Note
Chomp Vegan Eatery Port Moody Restaurant

Kids’ area at Chomp Vegan Eatery Port Moody, BC

Take-Out Service Available – I would recommend calling your order in before you go as they are not “fast food” and require more time.

Kid-friendly – They have a kids’ table, childen’s books and children’s menu

Hours: Closed Tuesdays, Early closing times.  Click here for opening hours.

Chomp Vegan Eatery

#7, 201 Morrissey Road, Port Moody

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