Trying Shooting at the PoCo Indoor Gun Range

Port Coquitlam Gun Range

Watching action movies makes shooting seem easy and fun. If you’d like to (safely) channel your inner action hero, how do you do it without going through the hassle of getting a gun license and buying a gun? Or, if you have experience shooting, where do you go to practice? In either case, for an escape from your everyday life, head to the DVC Indoor Shooting Centre. Located in Port Coquitlam, t’s the only public indoor gun range on the Lower Mainland, which allows you to try shooting without paying for a membership. Because it’s public, it’s a really unique place to celebrate an event with a group of friends. Definitely the experience of a lifetime.

Helpful Staff at Port Coquitlam Gun Range

Port Coquitlam Indoor Gun RangeThe staff at the Port Coquitlam gun range are extremely nice and super helpful. Before beginning to shoot, you receive instructions on the proper stance, and on how to aim and handle the gun. Upon completing a short safety course which lasts maybe five or 10 minutes, you will learn the basic how to’s of shooting. If it’s your first time shooting, the staff will give you recommendations of what is the best gun to for you. However, you don’t have to follow the advice. There are a wide variety of guns and rifles you can choose to try. You can not only try a wide variety of weapons, but also a wide variety of targets, as well as how far or how close your target is.

When you are on the shooting range itself, unfortunately the only way to shoot is from standing position which I personally find much more uncomfortable and less stable. And because they are a popular location, it is quite cramped in there, especially during peak business hours in the evening. When you’re shooting, there’s a Range Safety Officer right by your side. If you encounter a problem they will help you right away and will give hints on how to improve your shot if you are struggling. However it’s very hands on, and they won’t just take the gun away from you and shoot at your target.

Remember Your ID

Port Coquitlam Indoor Gun Range If you are interested, excited and ready to go there’s some important things you should consider. Although you don’t need a membership, you must be over 19, unless you are accompanied by a legal guardian. Make sure to bring valid government issued ID, even if you are a minor. Daily admission is $30, however Wednesday nights are two for one. To take advantage, you must first look up a pass phrase on their website, just before heading out. As well, on Friday night admission is free for all ladies. Law enforcement and military members who provide valid identification pay a daily admission of $20.

The admission price includes gun rental(s), mandatory insurance, safety gear, an introductory lesson and a Range Safety Officer who will supervise and assist you during your visit. Unfortunately the price doesn’t include ammunition and targets, which need to be purchased separately. Prices are for all group events, ammunition, targets and memberships are available on their website together, along with their operating hours. Still curious? Check out this video of me shooting at the gun range in Port Coquitlam:

DVC Indoor Shooting Centre

201 – 1655 Broadway Street, Port Coquitlam

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