Links – UBCM gets off to a high start

Union of BC Municipalities Convention

This week is the Union of BC Municipalities convention. Many of our civic politicians are there to catch up with their counterparts, get some good or not so good ideas, and make resolutions that are ignored by senior members of government. On Wednesday, the UBCM voted in favour of decriminalizing marijuana. I’ve spoken out in favour of this before, but it’s Canada. Federal power is completely concentrated in the office of the Prime Minister. Basically, it’s up to Stephen Harper. And while Harper may enjoy playing the music of known drug users, it wouldn’t go with his crime fighting image. And that ‘build more prisons’ stance of the Conservative party resonates with all the scared little old ladies that send the party $10 in the mail. I’m hoping the UBCM managed to deal with some issues the cities actually have some power to change.

It seems like everyone wants to be an NDP MLA these days. I guess it’s always fun to be on the bandwagon of the team that has the best chance of winning in the spring. Former world champion wrestler Chris Wilson is joining the growing list of candidates for the NDP candidacy in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain. Coquitlam Councillor Selina Robinson wasted no time in announcing her candidacy to replace Diane Thorne in the riding of Coquitlam-Maillardville. Selina is looking to follow Fin Donnelly as the Coquitlam councillor with the most votes moving on senior levels of government.

The Port Moody Library is always a hotbed of activity. Their preschool programs are off and running for the fall, and here’s a rundown of what they have in store.

Port Moody ice dancer Madeline Edwards and her partner Zhaio Kai Pang took a bronze medal at the Istanbul stop on the ISU Junior Grand Prix figure skating circuit. Yes, Istanbul has ice! Congrats to them as they gun for the Grand Prix Final coming up in December.

Here’s a site that took third place in blog category of the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver 2012. Bored In Vancouver has a pretty cool layout and lots of things to do if you’re finding a lack of fun things to do in your life.

Restaurant reviews! Me+Food scarfs down some Pajo’s Fish & Chips. TheV3H perennial favourite Robin Leung goes back to Sushi K Kamizato.

And finally, our friends at the Port Moody Station Museum not only have Ioco Ghost Town Days coming up, they also have an exhibit on the Chinese workers to built the CPR. Tri-Cities TV and Rebecca Clarke give us a little tour.

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