Links – Port Mann toll introductory rate and how hard is it to vote?

Port Mann Bridge Toll Reduction

Just a quick reminder, this Sunday is the Terry Fox Run in support of cancer research. We wrote about the event here, pick a run closest to you (there seems to be one every 30 meters or so), and support this great cause.

Coquitlam Councillor Terry O’Neill has an idea to get more people out to vote in civic elections. He would like to see the names of those that came out to vote publicized. This was defeated by Coquitlam council 8-1 last night. Terry has a follow up to this on his blog.

Now even if this isn’t the way to go, how do you encourage participation in civic elections? The old story of civic government being the level of government that affects you the most doesn’t seem to hold a lot of water. My totally unscientific opinion is two-fold. Yes, letting people vote online would help. Surely to God if we can bank online, we should be able to vote online. Also, I would think that the more choices people have, the less likely they are to do the research, and just throw their hands up. Making that easier was the philosophy behind that we built during the last election. The other problem is you drive for 10 minutes in any direction, you see signs for dozens of different candidates, many of which aren’t even in your city. Turnout to federal and provincial elections is higher, as it’s much easier to mark the X once without a whole lot of extra noise around clouding that decision. The more confused and overwhelmed people are, the more likely they are to do nothing. Wait, am I getting on my amalgamation soapbox again?

Or just go compulsory voting like they have in Australia. Complete with time in the stocks if you don’t cast a ballot.

Looks like we’re getting an introductory rate for the Port Mann bridge toll. Three lanes of the bridge are set to open this month, and until Feb 28th of next year, you can pay $1.50 to cross the bridge instead of $3. If you sign up for a account and get a sticker, you get the $1.50 rate through the end of 2013. Much like the classic American real estate meltdown balloon mortgage, get in while you can and don’t think about tomorrow baby.

The 7th annual Spike Business Awards are coming up, and the City of Port Moody are looking for nominations.

On Monday night there was a rally impromptu rally in Port Moody against gang violence, following the third gang related murder as of late. The Gangsters Out Blog gives us a rundown.

While the NHL is set for another lockout, you don’t have to go that far to get your hockey fix. The Coquitlam Express are set to kick off another campaign here in town, and you can follow all the news on the Coquitlam Expressions blog.

The 25th anniversary of the incorporation of Anmore is happening this Sunday, September 9th, 2012 from Noon-4pm. In celebration, the Anmore Times has reposted A Brief History of Anmore.

Photographer Rich J Matheson went for a walk along the trails of Minnekhada Park, and took along his camera to share some of his adventure with us.

Restaurant review, and who doesn’t love sushi? Robin Leung checks out LOL Roll in Coquitlam City Centre.

And finally, Artist/Designer Kim Hunter put together this tribute to the Hyde Creek Educational Centre and Hatchery.

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