Anmore Byelection: The Results are In!

Anmore Byelection 2012

As we told you earlier this month, Anmore has spend the past weeks gearing up for a byelection. This came following the resignation of rookie councillor Tim Laidler in June. Citing concerns over the process involved in hiring of a new CAO in the village, Laidler left a vacancy and so a byelection was called.

Three Candidates for Anmore Council

Three candidates came forward during the nominating period in August: Arthur Crossman, Sagheer Jan and Ann-Marie Thiele. Crossman formerly ran in the Anmore mayoral byelection in 2010 and was defeated. Both he and Jan live outside of the village. According to the Coquitlam NOW, Anmore Mayor expressed surprise that only one of the candidates actually lives in Anmore. But would it really be an Anmore byelection without a few unexpected twists and turns?

The byelection was held this Saturday, September 22. Preliminary results are in.

2012 Anmore Byelection Preliminary Results

  • Ann-Marie Thiele – 290
  • Sagheer Jan – 22
  • Arthur Crossman – 5

Congratulations to Ann-Marie Thiele. We’re sure she’ll be a wonderful (and lasting) addition to Anmore council.

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