San Remo Pizza: New and Improved Port Coquitlam Restaurant

San Remo Pizza Port Coquitlam

A recipe is not ‘passed down for generations’ unless it is really good, and the family at Port Coquitlam restaurant San Remo Pizza believe they have the best meat sauce around. For over 30 years San Remo Pizza has been serving their top quality Italian fare. Now they’ve recently celebrated another milestone with the opening of their all new building – but don’t worry, you’ll find it okay as it is right next to the old one.

New meets old San Remo Pizza Restaurant in Port Coquitlam

New meets old – original sign on the left, new building and sign on the right

Jim and Dina opened San Remo Pizza with their sons Bill and John with the goal of sharing their family recipes with the community. They did just that for a number of years before Jim passed away after his battle with cancer. Since then it has been ‘Mama Dina’ and her boys carrying the torch at this Port Coquitlam restaurant.

I spoke to Bill and John about the new building and they couldn’t be more pleased with the new space. The new location is hip and modern with beautiful dark wood and stone accents, bringing the atmosphere up to a new level. Bill and John felt the ‘time was right’ to make the move into new digs when the property became available and they have not looked back since their ‘secret’ reopening early this summer. Bill mentioned they have been booming since the change and I am sure that will continue with the increased curb appeal of the new location. They still host banquet events too and I am sure they will book up quickly.

The family behind San Remo Pizza restaurant in Port Coquitlam

Jim, Dina, Bill and John – the family behind the family business at San Remo Pizza

One thing that has not changed at this Port Coquitlam restaurant is the food. Using only fresh ingredients, all the sauces are homemade and used with the homemade pizza dough or baked with their famous lasagna. The pizzas at San Remo are not the fast food type that are often unsatisfying but rather the topping-laden type with real cheese type that tend to fill you up after only a couple of slices. When I was last there my wife and I chose a personal size pizza and an order of lasagna to share and we could not get through it all, despite my best efforts. I know a lot of people that order in San Remo Pizza and take advantage of their free delivery service but I am betting a lot more will make the trip to dine in at the new building – I know I will.

San Remo Pizza

3022 A Flint Street, Port Coquitlam

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  1. One meal served 20 minutes later another meal served. Told by the owners hes firing the waitress. Hope he figured out the problem by looking in the mirror.

  2. Donna fowler says:

    My husband and I live right across street so we order from san remo’s lots… This has to be the best restaurant around for either pizza or pasta!! I am a finicky eater when it comes to pasta but I have never tried a better pasta before anywhere!! Thanks and keep up the great service