Port Moody Library Tech Cafe

Port Moody Library Tech Cafe

Have you been struggling to make your Kindle Touch work the way you want it to? Does your computer seem to have a mind of its own and you can’t make it do what you need it to do? If so, the Port Moody Library has recently started a new program to give a hand to anyone who has issues making their technology work. You can get one-on-one help from friendly teen volunteers, ready to answer and help you.

Tech Help at the Port Moody Library

Port Moody Library Technology CafeIf you have any problems or questions, feel free to drop by Port Moody Public Library on any Thursday between 2:30 and 4:00pm until August 23, 2012. The sessions will run in Parklane room, with laptops available for use. However, if you are planning to attend one of these face-to-face sessions, you are welcome to bring your own devices. This is an especially good idea if there is something specific you need help with.

The teens are able to help with many aspects of technology, anything from setting up email accounts to borrowing e-books from the “British Columbia Library To Go”. The library to go allows you to have access to many wonderful books that may not be available in hard copy in your library.

How the Teens can Help

Here are some examples of what the teens are able to help library patrons with:

  • Email (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail)
  • Attachments (download, upload and save)
  • Save, create, and organize folders
  • Use flash drives
  • Fill out online forms
  • Use e-readers and e-books
  • Get social media savvy (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Get started with smartphones and texting
  • Use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

That’s only a starting point, though – if you have a problem, they probably have a solution.

These sessions are an excellent opportunity to receive help in a safe environment. The teens are patient and will walk you through your problems step by step. They’ll explain everything to the best of their abilities and do the research if they cannot answer some of your questions.

You can call 604.469.4577 for more information.

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