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Suter Brook Summer Music Series Port Moody

The City of Port Moody is getting another public art installation as part of The Necklace Project. They are going to be glass mosaics with historical photos and text. There will be 5 pieces installed around town, with the anchor piece at Port Moody Arts Centre. For more information, visit The Necklace Project website.

Suter Brook Village in Port Moody is hosting the Summer Music Series. Every Friday night from July 13th to August 24th from 8-10pm. Dandelion Kids have a blog post all about it.

So now that the price of a house is somewhere between insane and more insane, Real Estate Coquitlam asks, “Are Real Estate Prices Sliding?”

Some members of Port Moody Council had some concerns about smart meters. BC Hydro came out and did a presentation, dispelling many of the myths that have been floating around. Personally, the venom that people are directing towards what is essentially a basic network upgrade is baffling. As technology marches forward at an ever increasing rate, the smart meters seem to be the conspiracy magnet for many general fears and worries about the modern world. It’s true that now with the Internet we are awash in information, but because of that overwhelm it is also much easier for a good conspiracy story to have resonance. Dave Teixeira from tries to separate fact from fiction.

Out in Belcarra, the July edition of the Belcarra Barnacle is out for your reading pleasure. Downloadable as a PDF.

The Port Moody Arts Centre has a new artist in residency. Her name is Shari Pratt, and she’s looking for photographs of Tri-Cities residents for an art project.

Kids getting a little bored with summer yet? Place Des Arts is rolling out the summer camps, and there is still some space available if you’re looking for something for your kids to do. The full-day Musical Theatre Intensive beginning July 30th has some room, check it out at Place Des Arts website.

The 2nd annual Tri-Cities Walk for ALS is coming August 11th at Town Centre Park in Coquitlam. To register for the walk and more infomation, visit the event website.

There was a lot of worry in the Tri-Cities when Fuji Sushi on North Road shut down. Fuji was well known as having some of the best and most authentic sushi around. Thankfully, they’re coming back to St Johns Street in Port Moody. Robin Leung has the details.

Finally, strap a tiny camera to a tiny flying device, and you get a unique perspective of Rocky Point Park.

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  1. Diana Dilworth says:

    You always come up with the most interesting stuff for The V3H. Notwithstanding the very mosquito-like audio on the YouTube clip showing RPP from the air, it was a cool video…at the end you could even see the yoga class that was taking place in front of the presentation stage!