Coquitlam’s Canada Day Fireworks Re-Scheduled

Coquitlam’s Canada Day fireworks have been re-scheduled. They will now run tonight – Monday, July 2, 2012 – at 10:00pm. Here’s some information, taken from their web page:

After a fantastic Canada Day festival, the Coquitlam firework show originally scheduled for Sunday night was delayed as a result of a few people breaching a fence and entering the restricted fall zone for the fireworks show. An investigation is ongoing.

Archangel Fireworks, the award-winning entertainment company that has won the contract for the Coquitlam show the past two years, had to cancel the show due to security concerns. “Archangel prides itself on safety for our people and our audience and sometimes that means the show doesn’t go on,” says General Manager of Archangel, Candice Mitchell. “Entering a secured zone is reckless and dangerous and has potentially serious consequences.”

“The record crowd deserves praise for their patience and understanding, while technicians and staff focused on trying to reset the system,” said Mayor Richard Stewart. “Coquitlam has a reputation for putting on a great show and we know expectations were high. While there was much disappointment when the show couldn’t go on, I want to thank the audience for being so understanding.”

General Manager of Parks, Recreation and Culture, Lori MacKay, highlighted that: “Archangel has created a spectacular show and the City is determined that the show must go on.”

The show will kick off at Lafarge Lake at 8:00pm with music, and the fireworks will run at 10:00pm. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everyone stays safe, avoids the fall zone, and that the weather pulls through for us.

Mayor Richard Stewart has stated that Canada is worth celebrating two nights in a row. We’re inclined to agree. Happy belated Canada Day!

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