Theatre in the Tri-Cities: SHIFT’s 1-Act Festival

Shift One Act Festival Port Moody 2012 Inlet Theatre

When you think about innovative theatre, do you think about Vancouver? The people at SHIFT Performing Arts Society would like to change that. They focus on bringing new and fresh arts experiences to Port Moody and the Tri-Cities. When you attend one of their shows, you’ll see something you’ve never seen before. It’s innovative theatre in the Tri-Cities, and you won’t have to drive downtown and pay for parking.

SHIFT’s 1-Act Festival returns for its fifth run this month. The festival features a selection of plays each under one hour in length. It runs from June 21-23, 2012 at Inlet Theatre in Port Moody. You’ll be treated to a fantastic line-up of emerging artists presenting a variety of original and published short works.

Here’s what to expect at this year’s festival:

Thursday, June 21

  • The Allure
    by Chad Kamer
    Directed by Chad Kamer
  • See Bob Run
    by Daniel Macivor
    Directed by Ghazal Azarbad
  • Improv in 1-Act
  • The Act
    by Julia Siedlanowska
    Directed by Julia Siedlanowska

Friday, June 22

  • Doctor Pennyweather’s Office
    by Carolyn Nakagawa
    Directed by Carolyn Nakagawa
  • An Inheritance
    by Jennica Grienke
    Directed by Jennica Grienke
  • Nate and Troy: the Next Big Things
    by Nathan Kelly & Troy Cherkowski

Saturday, June 23

  • Life Science
    by Morris Panych
    Directed by Zelda Coertze
  • Caught in the Act
    by Bruce Kane
    Directed by Troy Cherkowski
  • A Rope of Sand
    by Alyssa Kostello & Tristan Bacon
    a presentation of workingclasstheatre / IN THE FLESH
  • Funeral Parlor
    by Christopher Durang
    Directed by Nicole ‘Coco’ Roberge

Shows start at 8:00pm each night of the 1-Act Festival, and tickets are $18 for adults and $15 for students. Or save money and see the whole festival with a three-night pass for $40. For more information or to buy tickets visit or call 778.300.1852.

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