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Color Me Mine Port Moody

Have you ever felt like doing something artistic and thought that regular arts were too mainstream? Have you wanted to do something that would be different, yet at the same time fun and useful? Maybe you want to have a birthday party that will stand out from all the usual birthday parties – something for you (and your kids) to remember for many years to come?

Colour Me Mine is a great place to do just that. It’s part of a franchise that was opened in 1996. Since then it has spread across the world, and is located in 11 different countries, including Canada. Across the country there are studios in only three provinces including BC, and the Tri-Cities are lucky to have a studio in the heart of Newport Village in Port Moody.

Bright Space, Many Options

The Port Moody Colour Me Mine studio is brightly lit, with many tables for small families, singles or couples, and a large table for big groups. One wall is shelved from floor to ceiling, with everything from small ceramic figurines to dishes filling the shelves. There is so much stuff to choose from that it’s difficult to pick one object that you want to paint. You might want to settle on one specific mug, but then a plate catches your eye. You choose a plate and then suddenly you see a sugar jar with a cute little spoon that is attached to the side. Finally you decide to settle on that mug that you originally wanted, since it was your first choice.

Finally, you’re ready to paint. Your paint options are as varied as the number of objects you can paint. There are many colours to chose from, from very vibrant to very cool. There are paints that are bumpy, and my favourite – speckled paints. They’re a single tone, with small specks of the darker shade of the base colour. All the colours seem so appealing that you just want to mix them all, however if you do, they don’t really turn out all the great. At the paint station, there is also a wide variety of different paint brushes and templates, for those of us who might be artistically challenged, or want a specific pattern that is difficult to achieve.

Get Creative

The wide variety of options allows you to pick and choose, catering to each and everyone’s specific needs and desires. The service was all right, the girls that work there instructed us on how to use the paints and templates, showing us where everything was…but as soon as you started on your work, you were left on your own. No one bothers you until you are done. The ambiance of a bright and happy place and the peace to create and paint allowed for the free flow of creativity. Once you are done, the studio will glaze your work for you, and it is available for pick-up in a week.

The studio is open daily. Check out store hours and pricing at

Colour Me Mine

276 Newport Drive, Port Moody

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