Tri-Cities Parks: Belcarra Regional Park has Crab Fishing, Fun + More!

Pier Belcarra Regional Park

Crab Fishing

I never thought raw chicken would be involved in crab fishing.

A couple months after moving to the Tri-Cities from the Alberta prairies, I was asked if I had gone crab fishing yet.  Crab fishing?  Didn’t I need a Forrest Gump-type fishing boat and the rough waves of an open ocean?  I soon learned that it was a common West Coast activity that anyone could do. In fact, there was a place practically in my backyard where I could actually see it in action – Belcarra Regional Park.  It didn’t take me long to head out to Belcarra to find out what this crab fishing thing was all about.

From my home in Port Moody, it was only an 11 km drive to the Belcarra Picnic Area in Belcarra Regional Park.  I made my way to the large pier and after some brief observations and a few questions thrown at the crab fishers, I realized that all one needed for crab fishing was a wire trap, a fishing license and bait, usually raw chicken.  The chicken threw me off and I started to think that maybe Jessica Simpson wasn’t too far off in thinking there was a “chicken of the sea”.  Someone was kind enough to explain to me that crabs are scavengers so they are capable of eating things that are not normally found in the sea, including chicken. Who knew? Not me, apparently. It was fun to watch and learn about this activity and I now drag my prairie visitors out to Belcarra to experience the wonders of crab fishing whenever I can.

Belcarra Picnic Area

Standing on the floating dock and watching crab fishing is my highlight of the picnic area but there is more to see and do there as well.  The view of Belcarra Bay is amazing and the natural wonders of birds, starfish, shellfish and even seals are common sights. It’s a great place for people of all ages to explore. There is also an outdoor adventure company called Takaya Tours that is located right at the Belcarra Picnic Area. They offer kayak rentals, lessons, guided tours and cultural kayak and canoe tours.

Belcarra Picnic Area provides many amenities, including a large picnic area, a fabulous playground, power outlets (I saw someone that had a toaster oven plugged in one day!), full-service washrooms, a fire ring, and even electric barbeques. There are two large picnic shelters on site that can be rented out for events, each holding up to 75 people.

Larger than Stanley Park

Belcarra Regional Park is actually twice the size of Stanley Park, and the picnic area is just a small part of what this park has to offer. You can also explore 22 km of hiking trails, 9.5 km of cycling trails, 6 km of equestrian trails and the swimmable Sasamat Lake. I would definitely recommend packing up some sandwiches and heading to the Belcarra Picnic Area to watch some crab fishing for your first visit. But what would you recommend? Leave a comment and let me know how you like to spend the day at Belcarra Regional Park. I would love to learn even more of what this beautiful park has to offer and maybe include it in my next visit there.

Getting There

Click here for a detailed map of Belcarra Regional Park.

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