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Take the Time to Stop in to Tony Embroidery

Walking past a small Port Coquitlam store, many stop to read the funny T-shirts that are on display in the window, but rarely does anyone take the time to actually enter the store and see what’s in stock. Those who do take the time to open the door, open themselves to many hidden gems that are in store for them.

Although the store is overflowing with clothes that are hanging on the racks, red hats from the Red Hat Society, and many different accessories, when you talk to the owner you realize that you don’t have to limit yourself to just what you see. Tony of Tony Embroidery does shirt printing and embroidery right in the store. Any design, any colour. Leave it all up to your heart’s desire. So far many groups from local high schools to security companies have been ordering custom-embroidered goods from him. The store is also mad things for the VancouFur convention, including caps, scarves and patches.

Family Run Business

Most people that visit Tony Embroidery for a quick shop usually stop by during the holiday season. This past Valentine’s Day, many dishevelled men rushed in making orders for custom-embroidered napkins and pillow cases, all equally important and needed to be done almost immediately. Luckily each order takes between 20-40 minutes to complete and is definitely ready within an hour, making for great affordable and practical gifts. Prices vary depending on the colours of thread, shirts, and print paper used, but the price difference isn’t significant. So if you want to give someone a gift with a personal touch, a gift that will definitely be treasured for many years to come and you don’t know where to go – this is a great place to check out.

Each order is treated with a great sense of care and is made as if it is made for the owner himself. Since this is a family run business, the environment is also very personal, and you are treated with a sense of familiarity and care.

Tony Embroidery is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Tony Embroidery

2550A Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam

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