Chapandaz Offers Afghan Cuisine and a Warm Welcome

Chapandaz Restaurant Port Moody

Today we’re excited to publish the first article from one of our new contributors, Lina Kunina, who’s reviewing Port Moody restaurant Chapandaz. Lina is a local high school student, as well as a talented writer. Read about her, and everyone else who’s involved with, on our About page.

Like Coming Home

You push the door open and walk in, and immediately the warm air and the wonderful smell of authentic Afghan cuisine surround you. The owner comes to greet you with open arms, and no matter how busy the place is, gives you the best seats as if you were the most important guests of the evening. Yup! That’s Chapandaz Afghan Cuisine for you.

Originally coming from central Asia – or the ‘stans’ as they are all better known – for me going to Chapandaz is like going back home. The atmosphere of the Port Moody restaurant is amazing and that’s partially because of the personal service, short wait times for food, and the general look of the place. It is decorated with Afghan rugs, photos, paintings and knick knacks placed all about. The music in the background is Afghan, adding a specific taste to the whole feeling of the place; however it’s not overly traditional to the point where it is daunting. And if you have kids, they will definitely love the lighting. Although it’s cozy and semi-dark, the light bulbs used give off a cool “50 finger” effect. Just hold your hand up to the light and wave it back and forth and it looks like you have double the fingers on your hand. For my four-year-old brother that was the biggest highlight of the night.

A Port Moody Restaurant for Everyone

One of the best parts about Chapandaz is that it’s virtually for everyone. Whether you’re a couple, a family, a large group of friends, or even if it’s just you, they have space for everyone. And you can choose to sit any way you prefer. There are traditional Afghan-style rooms, where you sit on the floor, or something more western, like booths and normal restaurant tables.

Despite how fancy the Port Moody restaurant sounds, it is definitely one of those casual spots where you can go in a pair of jeans and t-shirt and the prices are very affordable, with the main course for your dinner ranging from $13 to $19 for one person and your lunch coming out to about $11. For such prices, you get a really filling meal that will keep you full for a good four hours without a problem, even if you have an always present need to munch on something.

I definitely recommend visiting Chapandaz and checking it out if you like to try something new, because it won’t be a waste of your time. You can find out more about them on their Facebook page, take a peek at their menu and other information, and check out some very mouth-watering pictures of their food.


3180 St. John’s Street, Port Moody

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