Links – Port Moody-Coquitlam By-Election set for April 19th

Port Moody Byelection

Yesterday Keith Baldrey at Global BC broke the news that the Port Moody-Coquitlam by-election will finally be set today. We’ll be voting on Thursday, April 19th. The candidates have been ready to go for some time now. An interesting breakdown of the polling can be found at the polling blog Blunt Objects. Look for candidate profiles coming soon on our election site,

After the post I did a couple weeks back about Coquitlam’s role in greenhouse gas emmissions, Coquitlam Councillor Terry O’Neill rebutted on his blog. This week he continues on the environmental theme, talking about the state of the Coquitlam River.

The Evergreen Line is actually coming now, and Coquitlam is consolidating development policies along the Evergreen corridor. Councillor Selina Robinson posts this week about getting new development right in Burquitlam with the train coming.

Keeping with the theme of my appearance on CKNW last week about amalgamation and combination of services, The Tri-Cities Chamber is campaigning to combine the business licensing across the Tri-Cities. Count me in favour.

Have you noticed some changes happening around the Port Moody Station Museum? Here’s a story on their site about the recent work being done.

Ever had something you’ve wanted to recycle, but couldn’t figure out where and how to do it? Metro Vancouver recently launched an iPhone app for that. Great idea.


The video this week gets a bird’s eye view of Colony Farms Regional Park.

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