Yarilo Music: Classical House Concerts in Port Moody

Yarilo Music Port Moody

The Yarilo Music Ensemble formed nearly a decade ago, with pianists Jane Hayes and Anna Levy. Yarilo takes its name from the celebrated piano composition by the late Russian-Canadian composer, Nikolai Korndorf. After the composer’s untimely death, the ensemble adopted the name as part of its aim to keep his legacy alive. Yarilo was the pagan Slavic god of spring, fertility, and the annual cycle associated with a bountiful harvest: life, death and rebirth. In Slavic folklore, Yarilo is depicted as a handsome youth on a horse who ages and dies by the end of summer, only to be reborn in the New Year. He is celebrated with song and dance in festivals held in late spring and early summer.

When you consider that story, it’s somewhat fitting that Yarilo peformed its first concert, “Für Nikolai – Time… and Again” on May 29, 2011 – late spring. It paid tribute to Korndof, on the 10th anniversary of his untimely death. Since then, the ensemble has presented four more concerts. What sets Yarilo’s concerts apart is that they’re house concerts, so they’re all performed in a private home in Port Moody. It’s an intimate setting, bringing the audience closer to the musicians, and allowing you to experience the music in a different way than you would in a more traditional concert venue.

Yarilo has another concert coming up in a few weeks. Here are all the details:

WhatEdison Quintana, Piano
When – Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 2:00pm
Where – 34 Shoreline Circle, Port Moody [map]
Info – 604.936.9752 or www.eventbrite.com/event/2625386602
The scoop – Maestro Quintana is acknowledged as the most versatile and consummate pianist currently performing in concert halls in Mexico. He embraces all the possibilities his instrument offers to him and creates a voice full of colors, intensities and contrasts. This recital of solo piano music is dedicated to Mexican composers from 1880 to 1980, including Mario Ruiz Armengol, Jose Pablo Moncayo and Manuel de Elias. While the composers will not be familiar names, the music crosses all international boundaries. We hear echoes of Chopin, Liszt, Aaron Copland and Prokofiev captured in the music.

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