Top 5 Tri-Cities Stories of 2011

Top 5 Stories of 2011 Coquitlam Port Coquitlam Port Moody

Welcome to 2012! We’re glad to be back from our Christmas hiatus and bringing you more stories and events from Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Anmore, and Belcarra. Instead of the regular links today, let’s take a look back at the year that was in the Tri-Cities. Let’s count down the top 5 stories of 2011, and we’re ranking them, because everyone likes a list.

5. Iain Black Quits and Trasolini goes NDP

After 6 years as the MLA for Port Moody-Westwood, Iain Black announced his resignation in August. It’s always surprising when an MLA resigns in the middle of a mandate, but there were a few Liberals who needed more time with their families after Christy Clark moved into the Premier’s office. Iain left to become President and CEO of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

After 12 years as Mayor of Port Moody, Joe Trasolini announced in July that he would not run again for the Mayor’s job. Days after the civic election in November, Mayor Joe announced he wants to become MLA Joe under the NDP banner. A by-election will be happening soon, and we still don’t know who the Liberals are going to run against Trasolini.

4. Traffic – King Edward, United Boulevard, and Port Moody Threats

I know, it’s completely cheating to just say “traffic” is a story. Oh well. The New King Edward Overpass in Coquitlam opened at the end of October, after making a mess of traffic to and from United Boulevard for much of the past year.

The other major traffic story was Port Moody council voting to seek to remove the Murray-Clarke corridor from Translink’s control. A whole lot of hot air spewed in Port Moody council chambers about restricting traffic to Port Moody residents in July. By October, and after looking at the nearly half-million dollar annual bill to take back those streets from Translink, council decided that a “visioning exercise” with Translink might be a better way to go. Of course, if we had the combined tax base of the Tri-Cities, we could just build the Murray-Clarke connector ourselves, but don’t get me started again on that one.

3. Civic Election 2011

While there were a few new faces on councils, and a new mayor in Port Moody, it was a good night to be an incumbent on November 19th. Doug MacDonell in Coquitlam and Sherry Carroll in Port Coquitlam were the only two incumbents running who were not reelected. So either our local councils are doing an amazing job, or voters just vote for whoever is already in the chair.

2. The Port Moody Firehall Referendum

So Port Moody needs to build a firehall. Council decides to hold a referendum asking the public what they think. Council decides the voter turnout was too low, so they throw out the results of the referendum and decide to redesign the new firehall themselves. Fire Chief leaves to work for a city that makes more sense.

1. Evergreen Line gets the OK

After what seems like 47 years of debate and delays, the Metro Vancouver Mayors approved the funding package for the Evergreen Line. 2012 will be the year a shovel gets put in the ground, and the project will shape the development of the Tri-Cities for decades to come.

Don’t like my choices? Let me know what you think, and what you see as being the big stories of 2012.

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