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Port Moody Council Inauguration 2011

Last night I joined a full house at Port Moody City Hall for the inauguration of the newly elected council. After the swearing in, tribute was paid to the outgoing councillors and Joe Trasolini. New Mayor Mike Clay told a great story about Joe asking some kids on bikes why they weren’t using the skateboard park when he saw them riding around outside his office window. This chance meeting led to the creation of the Port Moody Trails Park under the Moody Street Overpass. As part of Joe’s commitment to creating great places to play outside, Mike announced the renaming of the Town Centre turf field behind the Rec Centre as Trasolini Field. In a stroke they paid tribute to Mayor Joe and reduced the confusion between that field and Town Centre Park in Coquitlam.

Mayor Clay’s inaugural address hit all the notes about continuing the great work of councils past, bringing in the Evergreen Line, and keeping the arts in the City of the Arts. It was a fantastic turnout and a great start for a very important next three years in managing the growth of Port Moody.

Hit the computer on Wednesday morning to find that Mayor Clay’s first order of business was opening up his Facebook fan page. So if you need to ask the mayor a question or submit a comment between catching up with old high school classmates, stalking your kids, and looking at the silly things I post, you’re good to go.

Anmore and Port Moody are getting together to talk about recreation options. Hopefully that means Anmore and Belcarra can get on board with helping out with the recreation costs in Port Moody so their residents aren’t charged an arm and a leg to go work out. I’m hoping the next step would be getting a Tri-Cities wide recreation pass.

I love the Port Moody Rec Centre, as it’s the closest to my home and has the best weight room in town. But I also take my kids swimming in Coquitlam. So I have a Port Moody Rec pass, tickets to go to Coquitlam, and have paid out of pocket to go skating in Port Coquitlam a couple times this month. Surely we could figure out some way to pool the rec facilities, as with the completion of the Port Moody Rec Centre, all three cities now bring something to the table.

With a pass, it’s very easy to track where that pass is being used and how often. Divide the revenue of the individual pass based where it is being used. So if in a month I go to the weight room in Port Moody 9 times, and go swimming in Coquitlam once, Port Moody gets 90% of the revenue and Coquitlam gets 10%. This would encourage more monthly passes, as I’m sure many people just pay cash because of the lack of full options in every city. More monthly passes mean more revenue for everyone, all for the price of some alignment of computer systems. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Done with the rants, back to the links. has been tracking Vancouver civic politics for the past 3 years, and are going to be scaling back. It’s too bad, as they are the best source for everything you wanted to know about civic politics. All the best to those guys as they figure out what to do next.

Along with Joe Trasolini, Christine Clark will be running for the BC Conservatives in the Port Moody-Coquitlam provincial by-election. Some eyebrows were raised about Christine’s name being so close to our Liberal premier, but I tend to agree that it’s probably not an advantage to be associated with the government in a by-election.

The BC Green Party is going to be skipping the upcoming by-elections. While true that they don’t stand much of a chance, it looks like it’s mostly to avoid an automatic and costly audit of the party finances.

Coquitlam Councillor Selina Robinson asks if the cities have a role to play in fighting child poverty.

Here’s a race report on the recent Coquitlam Centre Jingle Bell jog.

Looking for stuff to do around Metro Vancouver in the leadup to Christmas? Miss604 has you covered with her December Events Guide.

Vancouver is Awesome has been running photo essays of different locations in Metro Vancouver. This week they made it to Port Moody. They have some great things to say about Suter Brook.

Speaking of Vancouver is Awesome, here’s a cool story about a guy who wrestled a shark in 1925 around the Second Narrows.

More local history, the story of two women and a friendship born along the Pitt River and Coquitlam History has some notable pictures of the area dug out of the New Westminster archives.

Restaurant reviews! This week Robin Leung hits the Deer Garden Restaurant in Port Coquitlam, and coffee.foodies saddles up at the Wah Wing Szechuan Restaurant.

Finally, Klahanie Community blog publisher and Port Moody filmmaker Ian Mackenzie is on a mission. He’s collaborating on a film about the Occupy movements around the world called Occupy Love. The first taste of the film has already racked up over 130,000 views on Youtube. The film is being community funded, which means you can donate to help get the film made, with some cool gifts depending on the level of your support. You can donate at

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