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Port Moody New Car

It was the end of an era, as Mayor Joe chaired his last meeting of Port Moody Council on November 22nd. Trasolini, Karen Rockwell, and Meghan Lahti gave heartfelt speeches as they stepped down. Not nearly enough local elected officials know when the time has come to step aside and let someone new bring new ideas to the table. Thanks to all of you for your contribution, and best of luck in the future.

Port Coquitlam is looking for more Snow Angels, to help clear sidewalks and driveways of snow for the elderly and those that can’t get out to shovel. For more info, visit the Snow Angels website at

Douglas College is growing, as 850 new students will be coming. The child, family and community studies faculty is moving to the David Lam campus from New West. Douglas College has one of the best daycares in town that both my children have had the privilege of attending. Also, as a library buff, their library has a great view of Lafarge Lake if you’re looking for a little quiet time. The college is one of the best features of Coquitlam City Centre, and with the coming abrupt left turn of the Evergreen Line, it should become that much more attractive.

Speaking of Douglas College, three alumni have started a campaign to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction. Called The Three Things, the campaign is supported by the Tri-Cities Homelessness Task Group.

Northeast Coquitlam continues to be developed, and here’s a rundown of the latest developments in developments.

I love linking to them, but what does ArtsConnect really do? Check out their blog post to find out.

The Port Moody Public Library has been using blogs to get the word out about new titles. The Port Moody Public Library New Books for Kids blog is an excellent resource for those looking to share a new story with their kids. They also have blogs dedicated to New Preschool Books and New Books for Teens.

Restaurant time! This week coffee.foodies visits Nagano Sushi with locations in Coquitlam and Newport Village. And Robin Leung found a Korean Food Cart underneath a bridge on North Road. Curious? You have to read the post to find out.

Finally, we’ve had some really heavy rains around here at times over the past few weeks. Check out this video of a very swollen Coquitlam River. See you next week!

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