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Welcome to the latest edition of the links. We’re gearing up for Civic Election 2011 with a major announcement coming from us in the next few days. And no, I am not running for Coquitlam Council. Stay tuned…

One thing we do like to do here in the Tri-Cities is get New Westminster angry. After the demise of the United Boulevard Extension relations have been a little strained. Now Coquitlam council is now sending a letter to the provincial government to have Royal Columbian Hospital move to Coquitlam. New West is not exactly happy with this development. New West council is pointing out all the zoning changes they’ve been making to support the expansion of RCH. Not that New West would consider improving the road access to the place, don’t be silly, but now with the Labatt Brewery gone, they do have the room. I don’t know why we don’t just expand services at Eagle Ridge? Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

Speaking of New West, 10th to the Fraser tells us all about the promise and controversy of Westminster Pier Park.

A little closer to home, Port Coquitlam is stepping up enforcement of bear-related garbage by-laws. Really people, keep your garbage inside until pick up day. Nobody likes a dead bear on their lawn because we’re too lazy, least of all the bear.

The saga of the Port Moody Fire Hall continues, as Port Moody council approved the borrowing plan to pay for the revised plan.

Speaking of Port Moody, I’ve mentioned this before but the deadline to get your pictures in for the 2012 Port Moody calendar is coming up on October 11th. If you’ve got some great pictures of the Tri-Cities to share, put them up on our Flickr group.

Port Moody councillor Mike Clay is talking Municipal Auditor General this week on his blog.

The BC Liberals have been exploring the question of who is going to run in the by-election to replace outgoing Port Moody MLA Iain Black. Once Iain leaves at the end of the month, the province has 6 months to call a by-election. Word on the street is the Liberals have been surveying people in the area to find out who they would like to see run, and in this piece from the Vancouver Sun, they have already been approaching potential candidates.

Restaurant reviews? Oh yes! This week What’s for Dinner headed out to Cassa Fabesso at the Reed Point Marina. I had no idea it was down there, so check it out.

Finally Geoff Scott and Tri-Cities TV are talking Port Moody Festival of the Arts, kicking off this week.

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