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I had a different intro for this written yesterday. After the events of last night, I am so disheartened by the black eye our city has once again taken that it didn’t seem appropriate. So here are the links from a happier time…

Port Moody-Westwood MP James Moore is unimpressed with the lack of progress on the Evergreen Line. Fin Donnelly says that the feds need to come up with more cash to put the project back on track. Either way, maybe everyone should get in a room and figure it out.

In Port Moody, councillors Karen Rockwell, Meghan Lahti and Gerry Nuttall are task forcing it up to figure out how to build a firehall on the cheap. After they all voted against the results of the recent Fire Hall Referendum along with Mayor Trasolini, they are now looking to build a new firehall at Newport Drive and Knowle Street instead of where the hall currently sits at Murray Street and Ioco Road. Hey, I know how to save money on the new firehall, don’t have referendums that you aren’t going to listen to. Also, buy as much stuff as you can for the new firehall at Costco, they usually have pretty good deals on furniture and landscaping supplies.

In order to buy a house in Coquitlam, you are going to need $130,000 a year in family income. This report comes from the revisit of Coquitlam’s affordable housing strategy. Luckily I have some empties in the garage, so I’m good.

The beach is back at Buntzen Lake. BC Hydro had to flood the beach when their turbine replacement project at its Buntzen Lake powerhouse didn’t exactly go smoothly. Now everything is working again, and this jewel of the Tri-Cities is ready for your frisbee game once again.

The Crossroads Hospice Thrift Store is moving. On Tuesday June 21st they are opening their new store at 2780 Barnet Highway in Coquitlam, down the road from the old store on Barnet and Falcon.

Coastal Sound Music Academy picked up some hardware at the Performing Arts BC Festival. All three of their choirs won their groups at the provincials. If you’d like to join these award-winning singers, they are holding auditions throughout the month of June, visit their website at for more info.

On June 20th, there will be a special screening from the archives of CBC Vancouver, held at the Vancouver Public Library Main Branch.

Port Coquitlam is having a photo contest, and submitted photos will be part of a heritage photography display in Leigh Square in the fall.

Tonight at 7pm, Coquitlam councillor Selina Robinson is having a Spring Fireside Chat at the Poirier Library.

Don McNulty is drawing again, this time in a Port Moody park.

For this week’s video, we’re going to learn a little more about what SHARE Family and Community Services does in the Tri-Cities. It sounds like Steve Darling’s dulcet tones provide the voiceover.

This is an example of our community at our best.

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