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Evergreen Line in peril

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. I actually write the links posts on Wednesday afternoon, so as I write this, the whole province is getting ready for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. You could cut the excitement with a knife around here. Miss604 has a gallery of Canuck pride around BC. The City of Coquitlam is hosting viewing parties for the whole series at the Glen Pine Pavilion and the Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex. I’ve got my spot on the couch all picked out with a pacing runway when the game gets really tense. So ready to go…wait…what was that about the Evergreen Line?

Our new transportation minister Blair Lekstrom isn’t telling us anything we didn’t know, but now no Evergreen Line until late 2015 at the earliest. The line could be scrapped altogether if Metro Vancouver mayors don’t find $400 million somewhere to throw into the pot. The comments in this article from the Vancouver Sun from Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan aren’t exactly supportive of the Evergreen Line at all. So glad we as a province paid for 2 lines through Burnaby already. Although I don’t think any of our government representatives come out smelling like a rose on this one, I’m looking forward for the Tri-Cities many commuters to keep driving through Burnaby and clogging up their roads for many years to come.

Speaking of money problems, ArtsConnect mentions on their blog that they’re losing their gaming grants. The gaming grants made up about 30% of ArtsConnect’s operating budget. Tuesday night I had the opportunity to attend ArtsConnect’s PechaKucha night at the Evergreen Cultural Centre. Learning about the cool things that people in the Tri-Cities are doing, and connect with people over shared interests was absolutely fantastic, and the least we can do is continue to support that kind of work with a few nickels the slots kick off at the Boulevard Casino.

Coquitlam is getting a couple new parks as part of the Burke Mountain development. Wesbild Holdings to build Millard Orchard Park and Galloway Neighbourhood Park. Construction will begin on both parks in the coming weeks and will be ready for the picnics in the late summer.

Port Coquitlam is going down the road to ban cosmetic pesticides, joining Port Moody. Coquitlam has another committee looking into the issue.

Port Moody blog Tomboy That Wears Makeup headed out to Best of BC Wines Uncorked last week, and brings us the story with some great pictures.

This week is Bike to Work week, and Outdoor Vancouver gives us the rundown.

10th to the Fraser is talking trash, with green bins and ways we get get less stuff going to the landfill.

Finally this week, friend of the blog and television personality Laura Lynn Tyler had this show across Canada called The Daily. I came across this clip of her trip to the Port Moody Police. Go Canucks Go!

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