Jay Peachy’s Great Barter Build

Jay Peachy Swap

Canadian bartering community Swapsity is joining forces with an Anmore artist intent on using his passion for barter to build his eco-friendly home. Jay Peachy, an environmental advocate and self-proclaimed “bartermaniac”, is relying on the power of swap for his “Great Barter Build” project using reclaimed and traded materials. His mission will also be captured on film by Eva Wunderman, an award-winning writer, director and producer.

“To be able to produce a program that is based on the concept of creative trading to build a new home is exciting. I know it is going to be a fun, quirky and entertaining show,” says Wunderman, who formerly directed the television show Weird Homes.

Jay is offering his creativite abilities, such as comedy, public speaking and MCing, on Swapsity. He hopes to exchange them for construction labour, green building materials, eco-lighting, interior design or anything else needed to make his green home dreams real. No stranger to swap success, Jay has traded his artwork for a digital video camera, a PC, a kayak and a sailboat, as well as kitchen cabinets, a dishwasher, muffins and a two night stay in Campbell River. Now he’s taking his passion for bartering to the next level with this project.

When it comes to his barter build, Jay envisions an inclusive, sustainable and creative project. His house, to be built in the village once home to Bob Hunter, a founding member of Greenpeace, will be the ultimate green sanctuary with the use of reclaimed building materials and energy-efficient alternatives. The project also promises to be chock-full of creativity, from artistic elements in the home to inventive ways of minimizing costs, such as barter.

“My goal is to reduce cash expense while doing the right thing for the environment,” says Jay, who is looking forward to the enormous savings accrued from using barter to build something normally so expensive.

That’s why he’s teamed up with Swapsity, Canada’s one-stop swapping destination, where collaboration, innovation, sustainability and conscious consumption happen through barter. In addition to supporting Jay’s efforts, Swapsity has created a swap portal dedicated to his mission, where fellow swappers can track his progress, submit barter offers, post comments and cheer him on.

Marta Nowinska, Swapsity founder says, “We’re delighted to work with Jay on building a green home through barter because it supports many of our values, such as swapping, sustainability and creativity. Barter is available to anyone interested in using their skills or unwanted items as an alternative to money. Jay certainly exemplifies the qualities of a great swapper.”

I caught up with Jay and asked him how his project was going so far, and he’s upbeat. He offers some truly creative trading possibilities, such as being your karaoke side kick, body painting your pregnant belly (if only I were expecting!), commissioned artwork and more. On his home website, anmorehome.com, he offers his reflections and the philosophy behind trading. He adds, “Trading is based on trust and socialization, something that the world is lacking.”

Follow Jay’s mission as he artfully combines his passion for barter with his love of the planet. Says Jay, “At the end of the day, my objective is to express a different relationship with the Earth and build a creative sanctuary that respectfully interconnects with nature.”

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