Links – United Boulevard Extension and Orcas in the Inlet

Orcas in Burrard Inlet courtesy David Price

Victoria Day is upon us, and the links are flowing.

The latest blog post from Mayor Greg Moore in Port Coquitlam makes a case for the effectiveness of your municipal tax dollars.

10th to the Fraser continues their coverage of the United Boulevard Extension. Today at 7pm is the final public consultation at Sapperton Pensioner’s Hall in New West.

Speaking of transportation, our new premier has hinted that she’s open to using the carbon tax to support transit. Of course the Evergreen Line still has a long way to go before they’re even going to put a shovel in the ground.

The Vancouver Sun reports the Metro Vancouver regional plan is still in limbo, with Coquitlam being the holdout.

The Golden Spike Days Society went to Port Moody council to ask for their outstanding loan of $14,000 they took in 2009 be forgiven by the City. Port Moody council instead said the Society has until October to figure out a new repayment plan.

Speaking of celebrations, it’s the 120th anniversary of Coquitlam, and council was split on whether or not we should be celebrating. Councillor Mae Reid thinks it’s “embarrassing” that council is even considering celebrating 120 years by putting that info on their Canada Day celebration material. Let it be known that Councillors Reid and Sekora voted against the motion, so don’t wish them a happy 120th if you see them on the street.

Speaking of shameless self-promotion, last week I spoke at Northern Voice, and Rick Chung gives us a summary of the event.

West Coast Odysseus takes a photo walk around The MacMillan Bloedel Conservatory.

This week some Orcas were spotted in Burrard Inlet, and made it all the way to Port Moody. New Westminster resident David Price grabbed his camera and got the images you see above. If you’ve ever seen Orcas in the wild, it’s something you never forget.

Finally, if you’ve ever been around Como Lake on any morning of the week, you’ll see the fishermen gathered along the lakefront. Here’s a video showing you how to get the best out of the Como Lake fishing experience. See you next week!

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