John Grasty Gets Some Fancy Real Estate Technology

John Grasty QR Codes

Long time advertiser and friend of the blog John Grasty has something new on his real estate signs, and it makes it a whole lot easier to get that price on the house you’re driving by.

When I bought our place here in 2003, I found it by driving around the local neighbourhoods where I wanted to live looking for signs. was much crappier back then, and it would have been a lot more convenient to know the prices of the houses as I drove by. Many signs now have flyers attached to them, but the paper runs out, and it’s not exactly the best for the environment. So John has found a better way using the smart phone you probably have in your pocket.

A QR Codephoto credit: akaalias

John has started offering QR codes. Basically it’s a funny looking little box that you point your cell phone camera at, hit a button, and you’re taken to John’s website with all the property information, including interior pictures. No more peeking through the blinds and having the neighbours call the cops.

Although the use is popular in places like Australia and the UK, and growing, the number of users of QR codes in Canada is still quite low, so John wanted to find a way to ensure 100% of mobile subscribers could take advantage of instant listing information. Enter the text message. You can send a text message with the property code from the sign to phone number 57000, and immediately get texted back all the property info you need. So even those of you still rockin’ your old Motorola Razr can still get the info you need.

So the next time you’re house hunting, or just practicing the favourite Vancouver past time of seeing what your neighbours are selling for, your phone will come in handy. To get QR codes on your phone, search for QR code in your app store of choice, or check this out. Check John’s site out at

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  1. These interactive tools also add value for the seller when incorporated into the marketing plan.

    I wonder how long it will take for home sellers to demand these tools and the inherent advantages?

    Thanks for this Jon, and I’m a supporter of thev3h because of the awesome job you and Amber do for us all in the Tri-cities šŸ™‚

  2. It’s great to read an example of how a local business has introduced QR Codes into their marketing communications. We believe they can provide enormous benefits to both consumer and marketer.

    However, as you pointed out in your post, QR Code adoption by smartphone users is still quite small so we recommend including a brief set of instructions along side the code explaining how to use it. Something like:

    1. Download a reader app
    2. Scan the code with your smartphone
    3. A note of what to expect upon scanning

    P.S. Thanks also for providing a link to our blog post in which we recommend three awesome QR Code reader apps available for your smartphone!

  3. Great to see you making use of new technology! I find it strange that more realtors don’t try and make it easier for their potential buyers to get information on a listing. I’m hoping to change that with my reusable topper sign service at