Links – Evergreen Line Delays and other Signs of Spring

Another edition of the links, and another delay in the Evergreen Line. It looks like nothing will happen on the fabled Tri-Cities rapid transit line for most of this year at least, as Translink’s $400 million share is still nowhere to be seen. I really hope my kids get to ride this before they leave home.

Over at 10th to the Fraser, they have compiled a bunch of videos of the New West-Coquitlam federal election candidates doing their pitches during an all-candidates meeting. Our interviews are still coming in, check them out on our special federal election interviews page.

Coquitlam Councillor Selina Robinson is talking municipal budgeting on her blog this week.

May 1st to 7th is BC Youth Week, and Miss604 has the rundown of the activities all over Metro Vancouver.

Port Moody is running a pilot program for worm composting in the city. Their first workshop is coming up this Saturday, and it’s proving popular. Another workshop will be held on June 8th, so get your spot fast.

This week, My Boots N’ Me takes a trip to Burns Bog.

Spring is finally in the air across the Tri-Cities. The Star Magnolia is blooming in Klahanie, and Lindsay and the kids head out on a photo walk in Rocky Point Park.

And finally for our video this week, meet some of the cool people at the Coquitlam Public Library. Make sure to get out and vote on Monday!

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  1. It’s very sad Jon that you have to wonder whether your children will get to ride the Evergreen Line. From the track record to date though, it is being quite realistic.

    The ongoing financing debate has been polarizing, and it is unfortunate that our politicians (including their unelected, hand-picked appointees) and bureaucrats at all levels, continue after so long to demonstrate their inability to ‘square that circle’ in the best interest of the public.

    There are some incredible economic efficiencies and opportunities available with the Evergreen Line from a Transit-oriented Development standpoint, at least in Port Moody, where inexplicably, they remain unexplored; just check-out the latest OCP!

    These transit delays have already cost taxpayers $10’s of millions in increased costs, and let’s not forget the added burden on our environment, as well as the much needed service itself. This is serving nobody and is totally irresponsible.

    After all of the photo-ops and announcements the public is left completely cynical of our representation (wherever the heck they are?) and with little choice but to question the involvement, abilities and motives of each individual, and the ineffectiveness of government imposed processes that delivered these unfunded plans.

    My prediction is more photo-ops and announcements in time for the next provincial election.