Interview with Diana Dilworth, Conservative for New Westminster – Coquitlam

As I mentioned last week, we have sent questions to each of the candidates in the two local ridings for the upcoming federal election on May 2. Diana Dilworth, Conservative candidate in New Westminster – Coquitlam, took the time to respond. We will publish other candidates’ responses as we receive them.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, and why you would like to represent your riding?
I have worked, volunteered and raised my family in this riding. My background includes working for both the private and public sector, including the City of New Westminster. Operating my own small business, I served clients in all three municipalities in this riding. Currently I am serving in elected office and have worked as operations manager at a non-profit organization for the past nine years. I have a strong reputation in representing residents and championing initiatives for the local community. This diverse background provides the breadth of experience and skill required to be a strong Member of Parliament. I believe that an MP who sits at the Government table would be a good thing for our community.

What do you see as the most important issue currently facing your riding?
The number one issue that people are talking to me on their doorsteps about is the economy and taxes. The party which has a proven record on this issue is the Conservatives as we have successfully helped Canada navigate the recent economic downturn by providing a stable and steady hand. Our Government has been implementing a low-tax plan for jobs and growth, supporting families and seniors and improving the financial security of Canadians which will ensure a future of hope for our children and grandchildren. We are paying the lowest tax rate in over 40 years and that means more money in the pockets of hardworking Canadians.

How does your party serve the needs and concerns of local residents?
The job of a Member Parliament is to represent their residents and their communities. Under the Conservative Government, the Tri-Cities area and BC have been well served – for the first time the west is served by a significant number of cabinet ministers and Members of Parliament who sit at the government table. Stephen Harper’s government ensures that all Canadians are treated fairly from coast to coast to coast. I think that you can look to the Economic Action Plan and activities such as the Olympics to see how important our region is to this Government. Another MP at the table will certainly be beneficial.

During the last campaign, you were accused of being unavailable. How are you trying to change that this time around?

You shouldn’t believe everything you hear – since the by-election I have continued to participate in media interviews, attend community events and senior and youth facilities, receptions and open houses. So far in this campaign I have walked over 235 km door knocking – meeting and listening to residents in their neighbourhoods. It’s been a pleasure to attend coffee parties, hold weekly meet and greets at my office, and participate in a number of all-candidates meeting. I am always interested in what my voters have to say – and what I am hearing is that they like the job the Conservatives have done.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Diana! And please, whatever your political views, take the time to vote on May 2. It’s fast, easy and free. And, of course, it’s the best way to effect positive change in our community.

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