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Port Moody

Welcome to the week where the weather can’t decide whether it’s spring, or time for more snow. Very strange indeed.

This week, the Port Moody Station Museum is celebrating heritage week. They have displays about local parks and an Antique Appraisal coming up this Sunday. We at The V3H have had a hand in bringing the new website for the museum to live. There are still a few edges to be shaved off, but you can check it out at

Yesterday was Pink Shirt Day, and the staff at Anmore Village Hall showed off their pink shirts to combat bullying.

Selina Robinson is blogging again, and she’s talking about the use of cosmetic pesticides in the Tri-Cities. Last year council defeated a motion to have a public dialog on the issue, but Selina is bringing the motion back this year. The council debate will take place on March 7th.

Once again for 2011, Vancouver is the world’s most liveable city according to The Economist. Got to say I agree with their assessment. On a bright day in spring there is nowhere better.

This weekend we’re getting a new premier as the BC Liberals are holding their convention. The vote will be a weighted proportional representation system, so every riding will get 100 votes based on the popular vote in that riding. That number gets distributed, and the lowest candidate gets eliminated every round, with their votes moving to the person the voter indicates as their second place candidate. The first candidate to get more than 4250 votes wins. This ensures that every riding is represented evenly across the province. Of course if you didn’t give the Liberals your $10, you don’t get a say. Expect another provincial election soon after. gives us a little preview. You can watch the event unfold on Global BC starting at 5:45pm.

More restaurant reviews please? Chow Times made it out to Port Moody for Cake-Ya and their unique Japanese desserts.

The Vancouver Sun tells us about the marine life census called What Swims Beneath, that has been taking place in Port Moody Inlet. What Swims Beneath involves more fishing nets than the usual census we’re used to, but knowing what lives down there is vital to protecting and enhancing our little chunk of ocean here in the Tri-Cities.

Finally, a really cool video this week involves a remote control plane, a very small camera, and one of those sunny days in the most liveable place on earth. See you next week!

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