Christmas Lights in the Tri-Cities


I’m a sucker for great light displays. Perhaps is memories of driving around with my parents looking at light displays when I was a kid. Perhaps it’s my appreciation of all the wiring and geekiness of the new-fangled computer controlled displays. But probably most of all, now I take my kids and watch their eyes light up like mine did all those years ago.

So once again we’re doing a map of the coolest light displays across the Tri-Cities, and I need your help.

If you have a display that should be included in our map, or if I have one that doesn’t exist anymore, email me at jon (at)

Even better, if you have pictures or video of your own display…

Our updated map, that can be downloaded to your GPS for your own Christmas tour, can be found throughout the Christmas season at…

View Tricities Christmas Lights in a larger map

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