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I’m starting a new feature here at There are many great blogs and news sources around the Tri-Cities and Metro Vancouver. Every Thursday I’m going to do a links post with some cool stories I’ve found from around the Interwebs. If you have any suggestions, send them to me at jon, I always love to hear from you. Onto the stories!

ArtsConnect: Holiday Art Sales and Craft Shows

You can support local artists and knock down that Christmas list by visiting all the holiday craft shows and art sales happening around town. The ArtsConnect blog has a great list.

City of Port Moody: Spike Award Winners Announced

Celebrating business excellence, on November 18th the City of Port Moody announced the winners of the Spike Business Awards. A few of our favourite local businesses were well represented. The City has two stories, one with pictures, and one with a little more text for some reason. Enjoy them both.

Remembrance Day in Port Moody

Friend of theV3H Charles Deenen took some fantastic pictures of the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Port Moody. He was kind enough to share them with us again. Lest we forget.

Port Moody Transportation Town Hall Meeting

The City of Port Moody is holding a Transportation Town Hall Meeting this Monday, November 29th, 7pm at City Hall. A presentation will be given on Translink’s 2011 Budget, with a facilitated discussion to follow.

Stacey Robinsmith: Lunch at the Flame Stone Grill

Some of our most popular posts are about local places to eat. Stacey RobinSmith enjoyed a Sunday lunch at the Flame Stone Grill and is telling us all about it.

Port Moody Ecological Society is up for an award

Our friends who do such great work at the Noons Creek Hatchery and all around the Inlet have been nominated for the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce ‘Non-Profit of the Year’ award. Congratulations!

Port Moody Station Museum is writing a book

The Port Moody Station Museum has received a federal grant to produce a book on the history of Port Moody. The book is slated for completion in October 2011, and they’re looking for your help.

Warm Clothing Donation Sites in Vancouver

Rebecca at has done a list of donation locations for warm clothes for the homeless. With the extremely cold weather we’ve been having the last few days, this kind of effort really saves lives.

10th to the Fraser: United Boulevard Extension

Our neighbours in New West are all talking about the proposed overpass that would connect United Boulevard in Coquitlam with Brunette Ave. 10th to the Fraser ran a post that at this point has 71 comments about the proposed connection.

Klahanie Community goes to the Dogs


And last but not least, meet some of the 4-legged residents of Klahanie from

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