Innovative Fitness Port Moody Train the Trainer

Innovative Fitness Port Moody has been going strong in Suter Brook for a little over a year now. Innovative Fitness is a little different from a regular gym, in that it’s all personal training. So you have a trainer working with you every step of the way. Instead of getting a set amount of time in a contract and paying by the month, you get a set of personal training credits that you use to work out with your personal trainer. The trainers there like to emphasize that you have some kind of fitness goal, something like a race to enter or a mixed martial arts fight with your brother in law. It keeps you engaged with the program, and less likely to flake out.

Innovative Fitness has been nominated to win Small Business of the Year from the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, so they must be making people sweat in all the right ways. Meyrick Jones, the president of Innovative Fitness Port Moody showed me around, everyone was very friendly and supportive of the clients working up a sweat. Meyrick is a world-class athlete in his own right, and he’s missing a leg, so it’s kind of hard to have any excuses not to get off the couch with him cheering you on.

Since the difference at Innovative Fitness is having a personal trainer kick your butt, there is one day a year for payback. On November 26th they are holding their annual “Train the Trainer” charity fundraiser. Innovative Fitness’ customers, friends, and community partners get the opportunity to try their hand as a trainer, and put the Innovative trainers through their paces. 5 minute slots are sold for $50, with the money going to local charities. Since its inception, Train the Trainer has raised over $500,000 for local charities.

This year, Innovative Fitness Port Moody has two local charities the event is supporting. The Michael Cuccione Foundation supports research into childhood cancers. Michael raised $500,000 for BC Children’s Hospital before passing away at the age of 16. Today the foundation raises money for childhood cancer research across North America. The other beneficiary is the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, bringing much needed medical equipment and facilities to our local hospital here in the Tri-Cities.

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