The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup is a grassroots conservation program that promotes understanding and education about shoreline litter issues. It does this by engaging Canadians to rehabilitate shoreline areas through cleanups. The program influences Canadians to act, becoming better environmental citizens.

The movement started right here in Metro Vancouver, when the Vancouver Aquarium coordinated its first cleanup in 1994. That cleanup involved a small team of volunteers, who conducted a local shoreline cleanup in Stanley Park. In 2002, the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup became a national program, providing all Canadians the opportunity to make a difference in local communities, while taking part in a nationwide event.

Each year, the public support and general awareness of the program has increased, inspiring more Canadians to join in to make a difference. In 2009, the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup celebrated its 16th anniversary with 56,916 registrants nationwide removing litter from 2457 km of shoreline.

Once again, the Port Moody Ecological Society is bringing the cleanup to Port Moody. The event runs on Saturday, September 25 from 8:30-11am. It starts at the Noons Creek Hatchery, and completes a circuit down to the estuary and back via the soccer field. If you plan to attend they would appreciate it if you sign up online in advance.

For more information, check out their snazzy poster, or email

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