Food Bank Challenge

The SHARE Society is running its annual Christmas in July campaign until August 16, to help collect items for needy Tri-Cities families. Like last year, the campaign is taking the form of a challenge, in which local municipalities are squaring off to see who can collect the most food.

The city that donates the most food during the challenge will be declared winner. The mayors of the losing cities will have to wear T-shirts to a council meeting proclaiming their love for the winning city. In the first annual challenge last year Port Moody emerged victorious, but it was close. This year, Port Coquitlam appears to be bringing its A game. Will that be enough? We’ll find out on August 16.

Regardless of which city collects the most food, the real winner is the SHARE food bank and the people who need it. The food bank serves needy families throughout the Tri-Cities, and the number of households who use their services is at an all-time high. The need is great. Unfortunately, donations are down this year over last. The Christmas in July campaign is a critical way that SHARE stocks its shelves, and with more families accessing the food bank and less food to give, they’re feeling the pinch.

Luckily, pitching in is easy. You can drop off your contribution at your local municipal building to help your city win the challenge. You can also drop off contributions at local grocery stores, purchase one of the $2 Buy BC coupons or drop off your non-perishables at the SHARE food bank at 2615 Clarke Street, Port Moody [map].

Donate for civic pride. Donate to help your neighbours. Donate to embarrass the losing mayors. Any reason will do, as long as you donate.

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