Results of Coquitlam Byelection Survey

The City of Coquitlam has just released the results of the two public opinion questions attached to Saturday’s byelection.

From the press release…

In conjunction with the By-Election for a new member of Council for the City of Coquitlam held on Saturday May 15, 2010 – which saw Neal Nicholson elected to the position of Councillor – eligible voters in the City of Coquitlam were provided the opportunity to respond to two (2) non-binding public opinion questions. Results for each of the questions have now been tabulated and are as follows:

Question 1 – Currently, dogs may run off-leash in the Mundy Park trail system between the hours of dawn and 10:00 a.m., seven days per week.

Are you in favour of (please pick only one response):

No change to the current permitted time – 50%, 2750 votes
Increasing the permitted time – 32%, 1723 votes
Decreasing the permitted time – 18%, 1006 votes

Question 2 – Smoking is currently not permitted in, amongst other places, all parks, trails, commercial buildings/work places, bus stops, schools and within three (3) metres of entrances and other openings.

Are you in favour of the City of Coquitlam expanding the prohibition to include public patios and additional public spaces where minors (under 16 years of age) are permitted to be present?

Yes – 72% 3744 Votes Cast
No – 28% 1441 Votes Cast

5960 ballots were cast in the By-Election. The percentage of voters who participated in the By-Election who answered Question #1 was 92% while the percentage of voters who answered Question #2 was 87%.

City of Coquitlam staff will be presenting a report to Council regarding the Public Opinion Opportunity at a future meeting of Council.

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