Lawn and Garden Sprinkling Restrictions


Here in the V3H, and throughout Metro Vancouver, lawn sprinkling restrictions come into effect every year from June 1 – September 30. During the period of the watering restrictions, from June until September, the demand for water in Metro Vancouver almost doubles. But, in these summer months not much rain falls, so there is less water in the reservoirs to handle the increased demand. By reducing the amount of water that is used on lawns, the region can be sure that there is ample drinking water for the people who need it.

Throughout the region, the watering regulations are the same. Watering hours are 4am-9am and 7-10pm on watering days. Even-numbered addresses are permitted to water on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and odd-numbered addresses are permitted to water on Thursdays and Sundays.

There are exemptions to the watering regulations, including:

  • Newly-planted lawns will be allowed to be watered outside of restricted times with a special permit from your municipality.
  • Flower and vegetable gardens, decorative planters, shrubs and trees can be watered at any time.
  • You may fill pools, spas, water play parks and fountains.
  • You may wash cars or boats using a spring-loaded shutoff hose.
  • Playing fields, school yards, golf courses and turf farms are not subject to regulation.

Of course, conserving water is always a good idea, and it helps ensure that we’ll have enough water for all of our needs. Here are some suggestions to cut back your water use:

  • Install a rain barrel to collect water from your roof.
  • Water lawns and gardens in the early morning to reduce evaporation.
  • Consider allowing your lawn to go dormant over the summer – brown is the new green.
  • Leave grass clippings on your lawn, and use mulch on your garden, to retain moisture.
  • Use spring-loaded shut-off valves on your hose, so that it’s not spilling water whenever it’s on.

As for me, I’m still eagerly waiting for some real summer weather. There’s no need to water my lawn when it’s raining. Consider that another water conservation tip, from me to you. Wait until it’s actually nice out to pull out the sprinkler.

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  1. Hi Jon, hoping you can help me again. This time I’m letting people know about NEW lawn sprinkling hours that start June 1. Early mornings only.

    Here’s a link to Metro Vancouver’s Lawn Sprinkling page with watering hours for odd and even addresses:

    Bottom line – on hot summer evenings when water use has peaked in recent years, there’s barely been enough water to ensure safe fire response (fire hydrants and indoor sprinkling systems).