Coquitlam By-Election Results

Here at Coquitlam Council Chambers for the vote results. Most of council is here watching the votes roll in. The council seat results are being posted on the web, but the referendum results will be a manual count that will trickle in here. At this point everyone in this room will be happy if there is a 7% turnout.

The council seat results are being updated at the City of Coquitlam website here… I’ll be updating when there’s a winner, and as the referendum results come in.

Update: The results of the Coquitlam council votes are in, here are the final results…

Neal Nicholson – 2490 votes (wins by 664 votes)
Terry O’Neill – 1826 votes
Brian Babcock – 453 votes
Ralph Banni – 396 votes
Andy Wickey – 360 votes
Owen Coomer – 180 votes
Andy Shen – 127 votes
Massimo Mandarino – 90 votes

5960 votes cast out of 77932 eligible voters: 7.6% turnout

Stay tuned for the referendum results…

Update 8:57pm –
Most people here for the results seem to be from the Terry O’Neill camp. Terry was quite gracious in defeat and they seem to be off to celebrate anyways.

Chatted with Mayor Stewart before the vote came in. He told me they’d be quite happy with anything over a 7% turnout, as that would be 50% more than showed up last time. The referendum about changing the off-leash dog hours in Munday Park probably brought out a large group of people from that area.

At this point I’m the last guy in the council chambers, so it doesn’t look like anything will be forthcoming about the referendums in here. I’ll see what I can find out.

Update 9:41pm

After I found I was the only guy left in the council chambers after the council seat vote was finished, I wandered upstairs to see about the referendums. Turns out they are not referendums, but merely questions that were asked of the public to be forwarded to council as recommendations. So, there will be no count done tonight, the count will happen before the regular council meeting on Monday, and the results will be released as a staff report at that meeting.

As for Anmore, here are the preliminary results, and they are fairly convincing…

Heather Anderson – 572 (wins by 410 votes)
Robert Tribe – 162
Arthur Crossman – 7 (yep, that’s 7)

Since I didn’t hear from anyone in the Anmore race after reaching out to all three candidates, there’s not much more I can tell you about that race. Hopefully Anmore can put their issues behind them and come out united after the people have convincingly spoken.

Once I get the results from the Coquitlam survey questions, you’ll be the first to know.

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