SHARE Just Desserts Gala

The SHARE Society is presenting its 5th annual Just Desserts Gala on Saturday, April 17 from 7 – 10pm at the Red Robinson Show Theatre [map].

Just Desserts is inspired by a traditional circus carnival, and it promises to be a feast for all your senses. There will be a dessert tasting from 8 local restaurants, a celebrity chef judging panel that will choose the finest dessert, and a chance to weigh in on the People’s Choice Award. As delicious as that sounds, there is more. Mini live auctions and a silent auction will run throughout the evening. There will also be a raffle, some upscale games of chance, floor entertainment and more.

Even better than the Gala itself is what the money raised is going to support. The SHARE Family & Community Services Society is a non-profit, community based agency. It provides programs in response to the social needs of the Tri-Cities residents, and those in adjacent communities. SHARE operates a thrift store and a food bank. It supports families through parent and tot groups, speech and physical therapy for children, after school programs, immigrant parent support and parent education classes. They offer programs to help with problem gambling and substance abuse, provide legal advocacy and offer help to women living in violent situations.

Beyond their own services, SHARE provides space and support to other community groups. Two groups that I am involved with, La Leche League and Clever Hands Crafting Group, are fortunate to have meeting space in the SHARE building. The people at SHARE work hard to bring together people in our community and provide programs and groups of their own, or through partners.

Our community depends on SHARE. They work that they do fills in the gaps and ensures that those who need help can find it. So while the Just Desserts Gala is a fabulous event in its own right, I believe the truly delicious part is knowing that your money is going to help your neighbours, and make the Tri-Cities a truly wonderful place to live for everyone.

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