Maternity Leave in Maple Ridge

I’m not sure if I’ve formally introduced myself. I am Amber, and together with my husband Jon, I work on the V3H. We live here in the Tri-Cities and we have two children, 5-year-old Hannah and 18-month-old Jacob.

In addition to the writing I do here on this site, I write the blog for ArtsConnect, which is a great place to find out what’s going in the local arts and culture scene. I also have my own blog at, where I write about my life and parenting. While I was on my last maternity leave I ran a series called Mat Leave Mondays on, where I wrote all about maternity leave. Along the way I became very passionate about maternity and parental leave, and the many benefits they offer to young families. I even wrote an e-book, “The Quick Guide to Canadian Maternity Leave“.

Now I will be speaking about maternity leave at the fabulous maternity and baby boutique Tiny Fingers Tiny Toes in Maple Ridge. Which is just outside the V3H, but not too far. If you ask my husband he might tell you I never stop talking about maternity leave, so I am thrilled to have the chance to share my pearls of wisdom with others. I promise, they will be pearly.

If you are interested in maternity leave, I would love to see you. Here are all the pertinent details:

Date – Saturday, March 20, 2010
Time – 10:30am
Cost – $10 per person
Location11997 A 224th Street, Maple Ridge (street parking only)

To register, call the store at 604-466-8637. Space is limited, so call early to make sure you get a spot. My talk will include an overview of how maternity leave works in Canada, a rundown of its history, and some discussion of the benefits parents and babies experience when they have access to quality leave. I will also address any questions that come up as best I can and coo over babies and / or expectant moms who show up. But that’s not all! Attendees also receive $10 in store credit to Tiny Fingers Tiny Toes, so when the presentation is over they can go shopping for some truly fabulous maternity and baby gear. Is there a downside? I don’t think so!

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