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Dog Parks in the Tricities

Photo by John Biehler Visit any park in the V3H and you’re sure to see a dog or fifteen. We love our furry friends, and who can blame us? Dogs make wonderful companions. However, problems can sometimes arise when dogs and people interact. I have two small children, and so I am always a little […]

Pre-Olympic Week in Review

This week in the V3H is like the calm before the storm. Next week we will see the Torch Relay, the start of the 2010 Olympics, Chinese New Year and Heritage Week. Even though next week is when it all goes down, there is still plenty to do this week. Check it out, and see […]

Photos from the V3H on Flickr

We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Pinched between the mountains and the sea, there is ample opportunity to take out the camera and capture some of the wonder that is all around us. We are quite lucky here at to have a vibrant Flickr group where people have been […]

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