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Happy New Year from the V3H

We’re entering the final hours of 2010, and here at the V3H we’re looking back over our year. It was a good one. We feel like we’re really coming into our own. Do you ever wonder what gets the most page views? Here are our most popular stories of the year: Christmas Lights in the […]

Happy Holidays from the V3H

It’s Christmas Eve in the Tri-Cities. Tonight is the night children will try to stay awake to hear the reindeer. Tomorrow is the morning they will wake up at 4:00am to see if Santa came yet. The air is thick with Christmas magic and sleep deprivation. Seriously, though, we have had a marvelous time following […]

Links – Twas the Night Before The Night Before Christmas

We’re heading into our holiday break here at theV3H, but I’ve got a few links to share of cool things we’ve seen this week. I’m attempting to have snappy segue’s between the links this week. Let’s see how I do. First off, a good way to get mentioned in the links is to say nice […]

The Holiday Non-Events Post

This is the space that our weekly events post normally appears in. However, there really isn’t a whole lot to put here this week, since Christmas is just three days away. In fact, what are you doing reading this, shouldn’t you be out shopping or something? I know that I should be. If you want […]

Port Moody Station Museum Wins The V3H Website Contest

After numerous entries, lots of deliberation, and a few games of rock, scissors, paper – we have a winner in The V3H website contest. We are proud to announce the Port Moody Station Museum will be getting a brand new website. The Port Moody Station Museum is owned and operated by the Port Moody Heritage […]

SHARE Christmas Drive

The holidays are a time to celebrate together with our families, and acknowledge our gifts with gratitude. They are also a time to help those less fortunate. SHARE Family and Community Services is one group that does that right here in the Tri-Cities – at Christmas and all year long. SHARE operates the Christmas Toy […]

Links – That’s a Whole Lot of Santas

Santacon 2010 in Vancouver

Christmas is coming fast, it seems to come quicker every year. Although it should come slower every year as we get one of those leap seconds every once in a while. Anyways, I’ll stop wasting that little longer solar day and get to the links! Questions are being raised about the state of Eagle Ridge […]

Christmas Crunch in the Tri-Cities

If you’re anything like me, you’re all wrapped up in wrapping right now. Also shopping, decorating and school Christmas concerts. But there’s still plenty to do here in the Tri-Cities to get you out of the house and help you celebrate the festive season. Read on to find out what’s cooking this week! What: Christmas […]

Reminder: Win a New Website!

Tomorrow is your last day to enter to win a new website from TheV3H Web Services. We’re giving away a brand new website to a lucky winner in the Tri-Cities. You’ll get our Pain-Free Website Package and a free year of hosting. The Pain-Free Website Package includes… A website with a blog based on WordPress […]

Christmas Lights in the Tri-Cities


I’m a sucker for great light displays. Perhaps is memories of driving around with my parents looking at light displays when I was a kid. Perhaps it’s my appreciation of all the wiring and geekiness of the new-fangled computer controlled displays. But probably most of all, now I take my kids and watch their eyes […]

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