Port Coquitlam Garbage Collection


The City of Port Coquitlam is serious about reducing waste in their municipality. To accomplish that, they have enacted one of the most advanced garbage collection plans in the Lower Mainland. For example, as of November 2, 2009 they have been collecting all leftover food scraps in green bins, including meat, dairy, food-soiled paper, bones and shells. You can learn more about this program by reading up on kitchen green waste collection and checking out the answers to some frequently asked questions.

In addition to green waste, Port Coquitlam also picks up recyclables and ordinary household waste. Currently, the city picks up regular household waste every week, and recycling and green waste on alternate weeks. However, that will change in 2010, with the introduction of alternate-week garbage collection.

The city hopes that alternate-week garbage collection will reduce waste and save money. They project that they could divert up to 2400 tonnes of waste from the landfill each year, and save taxpayers $225,000 over five years. With the Cache Creek landfill scheduled to close in 2012, this may be a key step in helping to reduce the amount of garbage we create in the region. In order to help with the shift, green waste will be collected every week from mid-May to mid-November, during peak gardening season.

Even with the ramped-up kitchen waste collection, it still makes sense to reduce your household waste as much as possible. Port Coquitlam provides some waste disposal alternatives, to help you do just that.

More details about the new collection schedule will be published in Port Coquitlam’s 2010 calendar, which will be distributed to residents along with the Tri-City News on Sunday, December 13. In the meantime, you can also access the schedule and other information online. Or, if you have questions and concerns and would like to speak with someone directly call 604.927.5496 or 604.927.5488 or 604.927.5480. If you need emergency help after hours call 604.543.6700. And at any time you can email operations@portcoquitlam.ca.

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