Neil Simon’s “Chapter Two” comes to Port Moody’s Inlet Theatre


The abundance of great live theatre we enjoy here in the V3H continues this week. “Chapter Two”, one of Neil Simon’s most personal works, will begin this Thursday at the Inlet Theatre at Port Moody City Hall. The very cleverly-named Fight Like A Girl Productions is putting on the show.


Here’s the lowdown about the show from the production website…

After travelling Europe both chasing and trying to let go of the memories of his late wife, novelist George Schneider (Michael Weir) finds himself back at home trying to make sense of it all. With well-placed love, and poorly-guided judgment, his brother Leo (Scott Woods) offers encouragement and support in the form of blind dates with beautiful women. George puts his foot down after the latest explosive date practically catches him on fire, and almost misses the chance to meet soap-opera actress Jennie Malone (Jozie Bennett). Jennie has recently left a bad marriage and is equally apprehensive about starting the second chapter of her life, but gives in to the enthusiasm of her friend Faye Medwick (Hazel Neill) when resistance indeed proves to be futile.
The two find themselves on an obligation five-minute “hello and goodbye” to satisfy their well-meaning match making friends. To their cautiously happy surprise, they find themselves enchanted, leading to a whirlwind romance with some hiccups, laughter and tears through classically witty Neil Simon repartee.

While the setting is 1970’s New York, the situation is timeless and universal – relationships, love, loss, betrayal and joy. The show will engage the audience until the final curtain.


Here’s the skinny…

When: Thursday July 16th thru Saturday, July 25th
Where: Inlet Theatre at Port Moody City Hall
Tickets: $15 adults – $13 seniors/students
Where can I get mine?: Call the box office at 778-217-0435 or buy online at


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