Garbage Collection Changing in Port Moody


Starting on June 29, garbage collection in Port Moody will change dramatically. The city will move collection in-house, taking over from International Paper Industries, and will implement an automated system. Residents with curbside collection will receive three bear-resistant carts – one for regular household waste, one for recyclables, and one green bin for yard waste and compostable kitchen waste. Automated trucks will pick up and empty the carts when they’re left at curbside.

The new carts are being issued to residents by the city. Delivery started on Wednesday, and will be continuing through June 24. The city website has a cart delivery schedule, as well as contact information if you have any questions or concerns. Most residents who live in single-family homes will receive one 240L recycling cart, one 240L green bin, and one 120L garbage cart. The city website also offers detailed information about the carts, as well as a snazzy flash video on why they’re so great.

Starting on June 29, residents will need to bring their carts to the curb by 7:30 am on collection day. Household garbage will be collected each week, and recycling and green waste will be collected on alternating weeks. Green bins will be collected on the first week, recycling the second, green bins on the third, and so on. Carts should be parked on the street so that the arrow points out into the road. The wheels should be touching the curb, and you need to leave at least an arm’s length of space on both sides of each cart.

Recycling and green waste do not need to be sorted, and no bin liner is required. In fact, plastic bags would contaminate the green waste. Acceptable green waste includes yard waste such as grass clippings and leaves, as well as compostable kitchen scraps such as vegetable peelings and coffee grounds. The city website has more detailed information on which green waste and recyclables are accepted.

The City of Port Moody hopes that the new garbage system will reduce costs, and reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. These are important goals, and contribute to a healthy and sustainable city, region, and planet. So take the time now to familiarize yourself with the new system, and consider how you can reduce your own waste. The Earth will thank you for it.

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