BC Election Time, and the fun of the fixed election date


With the fixed election days we now have in BC, it has become a lot easier to figure out when we’re going to the polls. Even though it seems that we’ve had a lot of elections lately, a Federal vote that got us nowhere in October, the municipal election in November, and now we’re gearing up for a provincial one on May 12th.

One of the original worries with the fixed election date was that we were going to end up with American-style non-stop campaigning for months leading up to the actual date. So far the experience has been quite different to put it mildly. On April 12th, the writ was dropped, the first lawn sign went up, and that was about it.

It could be because the weather is getting better, it could be because the Liberals at this point have a 17 point lead in the polls. Either way, let’s just say there was a lot more discussion in my household about that Obama guy we couldn’t vote for, or the near constitutional crisis we had federally, than what’s happening at the moment.

So much for the neverending campaign.

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